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Do you feel like you are off track in life? 

Questioning your purpose or direction?

Do you feel like you are losing precious communication between your spouse or teenage?


There are times when life is hard, I mean really hard, but those difficult times should not take over your life. If you are feeling stuck in sadness, isolation, fear, anxiety or hijacked by a traumatic event---healing and wellness are possible. At SpeakLife.Community, LLC, trauma professional Bonnie Jo Daniels is here to help you process overwhelming thoughts, emotions, or beliefs so that you can move towards the health and wellness you deserve. 

If you are reading this, you are searching for a therapist who offers individualized treatment. My specialties are working with clients with trauma, from teenagers to adults-individuals or couples. We will begin our journey together by developing coping skills, a wellness plan and strengthening your resiliency for the current battles you face. Don’t let the struggles you face today rob you from living an abundant life, reach out and let me walk with you on your journey to healing, I look forward to “speaking life” over you. 

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What is Counseling?

Counseling is a client-focused practice with a non-judgmental and compassionate approach to listening. A trained clinician is skilled in patience, attentiveness and empathy with a unique problem-solving ability. Counseling is a safe, therapeutic space where you can relax and begin to explore and discover what is causing you to feel stuck.

What is trauma Counseling?

A trauma is a deeply disturbing event(s) that has overwhelmed your core capacity to cope causing you to feel unsafe. This feeling of being unsafe can quickly hijack your system triggering you to fight, flee or freeze. When triggered, your body can react as if you are in immanent-danger, either real or imagined, when there is no real danger present. Often interpersonal conflict and stress can exasperate these feelings propelling you on a never-ending cycle of fear and avoidance. This avoidance may cause you to experience self-blame, or to question the intentions of others. Trauma counseling is a process of regulating those intense feelings and slowly uncovering what has caused them to regain your sense of safety.

How do I Know if I Need Counseling?

-If you are struggling with anxiety or depression and are having a hard time managing it.

-If you are struggling with grief or in a transitional phase where you have lost the meaning of your life.

-If you have been thinking about counseling for some time but keep putting it off.

-If your friends or family members are suggesting counseling, but you have been refusing to listen.

-If you are a couple struggling with betrayal, infidelity, or communication.

-If you are longing for a greater social connection but something is holding you back.


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Love to SpeakLife over You!

Love to SpeakLife over You!


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6:00 pm-8:00 pm








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